Road Trip Fun: Games, Snacks, and Activities for Long Drives

Are you gearing up for a long road trip and looking for ways to keep yourself and your passengers entertained during the journey? In this article, we’ll share some fun games, delicious snacks, and engaging activities to make your drive more enjoyable and memorable. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with your family, these tips will help you have a blast on the road.


Games are a great way to pass the time and keep everyone engaged during a long drive. Here are some classic road trip games that are sure to create some fun memories:

License Plate Bingo

Print out a bingo card with different states’ license plates on it. As you spot license plates from different states, mark them off on your card. The first person to complete a row wins a prize!

20 Questions

One person thinks of an object, and the other players have up to 20 questions to guess what it is. This game is a great way to pass the time and keep everyone entertained.


No road trip is complete without delicious snacks to munch on along the way. Here are some tasty snack ideas to keep you fueled and satisfied during your drive:

Trail Mix

A mix of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips is the perfect snack for a road trip. It’s easy to pack and provides a great energy boost when you need it most.


Popcorn is a fun and satisfying snack to munch on while driving. Pack some pre-popped popcorn in individual bags for easy snacking on the go.


Keep the boredom at bay with these engaging activities that are perfect for long drives:

Audio Books

Listen to an audio book as a family or group. Choose a book that everyone will enjoy, and let the miles fly by as you immerse yourselves in a captivating story.

Car Karaoke

Create a playlist of your favorite songs and take turns belting out tunes as you cruise down the highway. It’s a fun way to bond with your travel companions and add some excitement to the journey.

With these games, snacks, and activities in tow, your road trip is sure to be a fun and memorable experience. Remember to stay safe on the road and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Happy travels!

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