Former LOT commercial director will advise companies on how to optimize business travel

Former LOT commercial director will advise companies on how to optimize business travel

Anna Staszewska until recently the director of. Sales director at PLL LOT opens her new business. It will be strongly associated with business travel, an area it has been dealing with at the national carrier. Anna Staszewska was supposed to stay with the company, but something went wrong. Recent personnel changes at LOT have not gone unnoticed in the agency market. A new commercial director and changes strengthening the revenue management area were expected to give the company a new boost. The announcement also announced that two people commonly associated with the sales department, i.e. the. Anna Staszewska and Rafal Kempski will stay with the company. In the first case, however, this did not happen.

The former commercial director does not seem to have found a suitable area in which to realize herself. Although it must be admitted that letting a person focused on Asian and American markets out of the organization may come as a surprise. LOT does not have a strong senior staff in the sales division, and every reliable person seems to be at a premium.

Travel Manager new company will advise on negotiations with airlines

The concept of the newly created Travel Manager company seems quite simple. It is intended to help companies find savings in the area of business travel. Mainly through negotiation of corporate contracts with airlines. This area of activity is definitely interesting, the only question is whether there is adequate demand for this type of service at the current time. It seems that the company may evolve into something like a soft GSA, i.e. an airline DMC or regional representative.

This type of service is in demand in Poland, and the weakness of global/regional brands allows free lancers to compete for interesting orders. Here could be an interesting field for the new company to explore.

Travel Manager wants to work with agents

A very interesting area of interest for Travel Manager is the one concerning cooperation with agents. One can assume that for some agents, generating savings in the companies they serve is still not a priority. It could even be interpreted as acting against the interests of the agent itself. However, there is a very interesting aspect here of building transparency in the market and an honest approach to the companies served. After all, a bona fide agent should aim to generate savings for the companies he serves, so that they will stay with him for years to come. In this respect, Travel Manager’s activity in this area can be beneficial for the market.

According to information coming out of the company, she is on speaking terms with several large agents. Together they are to educate companies on how to optimize business travel.

Travel Manager a new concept, but the competition is not sleeping

The Travel Manager concept seems quite interesting, this type of service is popular in mature Western European markets. In fact, as of today in Poland, only the largest companies have a travel manager position in their organization. Small and medium-sized companies may be tempted to outsource such services to entities such as Travel Manager, created by Anna Staszewska. Although the idea is fresh, it is not the only concept of its kind on the market

Tough times for agents handling business travel are causing some to look for similar niches. It is evolving in a very similar direction, e.g. The activities of the travel support portal, and it is not the only entity that wants to provide services similar to those offered by Travel Manager. It’s a good thing that we will have another area in the business travel market that has so far remained unfilled. This should translate into greater corporate purchasing awareness, generating significant savings. We will watch with curiosity the activities of Travel Manager and similar companies in the business travel market.

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