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“Infinite Storm” – trailer

Pam Bales’ moving story teaches you to face crises and never give up

“Infinite Storm,” the first U.S. film by Malgorzata Szumowska, which is scheduled for release on May 27, 2022.

This is a breathtaking and chilling expedition to one of the most dangerous mountain ranges in the world, where wind gusts reach 300 kilometers per hour and the weather changes constantly. It’s also a story about other elements: loss, risk and the courage to emerge unscathed from life’s worst storms.

Hollywood star Naomi Watts (“The Impossible,” “Birdman,” “Mulholland Drive”) plays the lead role in the thriller inspired by a true story, combining fragility with steadfastness in perfect proportions.

Its heroine, Pam Bales, embarks on a solo hike to Mount Washington, the highest elevation of the unpredictable, ice-torn White Mountains in the US state of New Hampshire. This expedition is her ritual and a way to cope with dramatic memories. And just on the day when she feels the weakest, she will have to show her greatest strength: someone will die if she does not help him. But if she decides to help, she herself may also die. “Infinite Storm” draws us into the middle of a monumental landscape, raging elements and extreme emotions. Reminds us that beauty and horror are sometimes inseparable, and that life’s crises are inevitable, just like violent weather collapses.

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