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Polar Sport Skitour: a ride with no holds barred

It's going to be a lot of fun… Piotrek* has just gone to Zawoja to guard the snow, Zbyszek** is packing prizes with madness in his eyes, and Marcin*** is somewhere flitting between the real and virtual worlds. Only Jasiek**** somehow from afar… Yeah, the last days before the 17th Polar Sport Skitour are a real no-holds-barred ride…

– Gee, I'm not going to win again – mutters Jasiek under his breath, looking thoughtfully at the list of competitors. – Elantkowski, Piętka, Bachleda-Księdzularz, Klamut, Kałuża… – enumerated and crooked more and more. – And then there's that Koza… Plus Tybor and Januszyk. These last names depressed him the most. Because which guy likes to lose to girls? On the other hand, maybe Jasiek would have won if he had signed up…

It is certain that 200 people will stand at the start line, almost as friendly and cheerful as Jasiek, Zbyszek and Piotrek. No, Martin is not friendly. A 13-kilometer route awaits them, full of traps, trolls, bushes and trees. There will be no shortage of emotions and snow. – Actually we have never known so much snow there. Well, maybe in Sapporo in 72'… – says a breathless Piotrek, who just returned from reconnoitering the route. – We are considering whether to let the rotor plow in front of the competitors – he added.

Polar Sport Skitour (fot. Matthew Knap)

Meanwhile, more trucks with prizes have been arriving at Sienna Street in Krakow for a few days now. Company after company, brand after brand. Zbyszek in the sweat of his brow lubricates the drawing machine and directs the movement of packages. – Dynafit and Salewa to the top, to the right The North Face and Nalgene. Gentlemen, be careful, there are crystals there! – shouts. Boots, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, goggles, backpacks and a mass of other mountain equipment will traditionally be drawn among the competitors. In a few days all this by special cargo plane will be transported to Zawoja. – Well, you can see what's going on here?! No, no, I have time for interviews – he cuts off and returns to the conversation with the lovely brunette.

If he were not so busy, he would probably tell what the players will find a package: that they will be m.in. patterned socks and bottles from the very limited „Polar Sport by Kasia B series. Carpenter from Cracow". The first athletes will rub their eyes and feet with them already on Friday – to the competition office for the starting numbers girls and guys invite from 17.00 to Babiogórski Cultural Center in Zawoja.

From 18.30 there are screenings of ski films of the Krakow Mountain Festival – KFG Ski Film Tour. Then the briefing, which is especially pleasing for Jasiek, who will no longer have to carry the internet in a bucket like every year. In BCK they have it in abundance, so the quality of the connection is to be assured. We invite you in front of the TVs punctually at 2015. Well, with this punctuality it can be different…

– Wait a minute, wait a minute – shouts Zbyszek. – After all, still these boxes. Well, those bottles with that red and white. For the evening will be – winks communicatively to Martin. Well, exactly, still Marcin. He sits in a corner and glares at everyone from the bottom of his head. Then he wordlessly pastes something on the computer. He's probably writing this text right now or posting something on fejsbuki. Then everyone is ashamed of it and doesn't want to look each other in the eye…Taaaaak, there's really a lot of fun getting ready…

(fot. XV Polar Sport Skitour im. Basi German)

For the XVII Polar Sport Skitour we invite you on February 26, as usual to Zawoja, under Mosorny Groń, at the lower PKL station. Details of the event: https://zawody.polarsport.en

* Piotrek, also known as Krygowski, the main co-conspirator in all the commotion.
** Zbyszek, also known as Shaggy from the climb. After all, everyone knows who it is about.
*** Marcin is Marcin, there is no need to shake it up, here as an author.
**** Jan from Ludźmierz, a local artist, but his works circulate around the world.

Any resemblance to people and events is purely coincidental. We do not know if this story really happened, but after all, it could have happened, right? However, it is known that no Piotrek, Jasiek or Zbyszek suffered during the writing of the entire text. About Marcin, hearing has been lost..

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