In 80 mountains around Poland on a scooter. Pawel Kalinowski talks about his project

In 80 mountains around Poland on a scooter. Pawel Kalinowski tells about his project

In the second half of June Pawel Kalinowski Will set off on her scooter to conquer 80 peaks of Poland. The route will be more than 2,500 kilometers. Here is a description of the planned expedition.

Travel not to reach your destination, but to arrive as late as possible, so that you never arrive, if possible – C. Magris.

Project goal / challenges

3.06.2022 I set off to conquer for the first time ever the Diadem of the mountains of Poland on… scooter. In what formula? Alone in one go, with a backpack and pannier on the handlebars towards the adventure, I can enjoy what I encounter on the route (e.g. stores, hostels, etc.) With overnight stays of her own.

Due to the unsupported formula, what I take at the start from the equipment on my back – I will carry to the end of the route. Additional weight will be a scooter (about 6 kg).

If someone joins in some section to traverse the route together – it is possible. I will try to promote physical activity and Polish mountains equally well.

The project is to travel the route with the lightest possible equipment during the vacations. I am a teacher at the school and two months must be enough to complete it.

The Diadem of the Mountains of Poland consists of, as many as 80 peaks scattered in different mountain ranges in Poland. I will confirm the peaks in a special booklet – issued by the Polish Tourist – Sightseeing Society – that is, the Badge Booklet Diadem of the Polish Mountains.

Kalinowski scooter


Diadem is an expanded version of the Crown of the Mountains of Poland. Only one peak – Ore Mountain is not included in the Diadem. However, in my plan I did not omit it. And I will not skip during the expedition. This is my dream, and after racing in 2021 (Pomeranian 500, East 1400), I believe I will fulfill it. The route including all the peaks I have already planned. It has more than 2,500km. I am introducing it now:

It will also have all the peaks marked on it.

  • Start: Łysica (Swietokrzyskie Mountains)
  • Finish: High Kopa (Jizera Mountains)
  • Deadline for the project: vacation 2022

During the expedition it will be possible to follow me 24 hours a day and on the map, in addition to the route, it will be visible which mountain I have already conquered. For each peak (including Rysy, Świnica, Babia Góra and others) I will bring or push a scooter, because I can’t always manage to drive it over the mountains. I will be helped by a specially constructed belt to mount the scooter on my back, so that my arms are free.

However, no support, no camper, no physiotherapist or cook can accompany me. What I take with me on the trip must be enough for the entire duration of the trip (clothing, handy utensils, transmitters, powerbanks, tent, sleeping bag, etc.).

All the projects completed so far are described and have been updated on the website and FB.

  • FB:
  • Website: www.pawelkalinowski.en

Project Maybe not the best, maybe not the biggest, but for this – my own, which is at the same time my dream and I have it in my heart. I don’t do it for fame, for money. I know that next to us there are people who are less fortunate than us. One such person is Olga – Lavender Princess. Olga faces brain cancer. It is under the care of oncologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, nephrologists, ophthalmologists and endocrinologists. I believe that together we will create a unique and effective community and we can help too! Simply this Princess deserves it!

And it is for this sick girl that I am dedicating my expedition and directing the charity action. If I can inspire even two people – I will be able to inspire the world!

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