Tri-City “mountains” are waiting! TriCity Trail 2022 on July 9! Outdoor Magazine

TriCity “mountains” await! TriCity Trail 2022 already on July 9!

TriCity Trail is an ultramarathon, a marathon+ and a half-marathon led along the paths of the Gdansk Forest District. The longest route starts in Gdansk, the middle one in Gdynia, and the shortest one in Wejherowo, where the finish line of each distance is located. Those who have not yet run along the Tri-City trails will be pleasantly surprised! This is a beautiful moraine terrain – ideal for beginner ultras and all those who appreciate being active in nature. This year’s competition will be held already on July 9. Electronic registration is in progress. It is worthwhile to hurry up with the registration, as starting July 1 the starting fees will increase.

Piotr Książkiewicz, race organizer:

TriCity Trail is an opportunity to explore the amazing terrain that is the forests of the Gdansk Forest District. We have prepared three routes, with different lengths and levels of difficulty. We provide a solid portion of approaches and climbs, in a charming environment, but also a lot of flat, pleasant sections and an intimate atmosphere. Our goal is not only to showcase the TriCity forests, but also to encourage regular activity. Pandemic has aggravated many health problems of Polish women and men. Many people have abandoned sports. Therefore, we feel that our role – those who promote physical activity in nature – is currently even greater than before 2020.

TriCity Trail 2022 already on July 9! (fot. Piotr Oleszak)

80+, Marathon+ and Half Marathon

TriCity Trail is three distances. The longest one is over 80 km. The route leads from Gdansk to Wejherowo, and along the way you have to overcome elevations of +1705/-1805m. Time limit to complete the distance is 15 hours.

The second route is the Marathon+, a scenic 49 km from Gdynia to Wejherowo. Here the elevation gain is +1015/-1115m. The time limit to complete the route is 9 hours.

The shortest of the runs is the Half Marathon. 21-kilometer The loop begins and ends in Wejherowo, and the elevation gain is +400/-400m. Time limit is 4 hours.

TriCity Trail 2022 already on July 9! (fot. Piotr Oleszak)

Running for children and teenagers

During TriCity Trail there are also competitions for children and teenagers – TriCity Trail Junior – at distances from 300 m to 1 km. The running routes will be along the paths of the Wejherowo City Park.

Charity run

Every runner who signs up for the event can support Pomerania Children’s Hospice. The charity package costs PLN 30. Currently, more than 120 people, or nearly 20% of all participants, have decided to run for charity!

TriCity Trail 2022 already on July 9! (fot. Piotr Oleszak)

More information and registration can be found at Interesting facts about the run also appear on the event’s profile on Facebook. The TriCity Trail 2022 event is co-sponsored by the Municipal Office in Gdansk, the Municipal Office in Wejherowo and the Poviat Starosty in Wejherowo. The event is held under the patronage of the Forestry Commission of Gdansk.

TriCity Trail 2022 coming up on July 9! (fot. Piotr Oleszak)

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