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Waterproof smartwatch – ideal for water sports enthusiasts [sponsored]

More and more people are looking for a smartwatch that works both on land and in the water. This is mostly the case for people who practice swimming or other water sports, such as. Windsurfing or sailing. Such a smartwatch should not only be functional, but also durable and waterproof. That is why it is so important to pay attention to its waterproof class when choosing a smartwatch.

What does waterproofing of a smartwatch mean?

It is worth noting at the outset that not all smartwatches are waterproof. Some are only Waterproof, which means that their material is water resistant. While Waterproof informs us that smartwatch does not let water through, and so no wet droplets get inside it. It is the waterproof class that will determine whether we can immerse the smartwatch in water without any obstacles.

What are the classes of waterproofness in smartwatches?

A waterproof smartwatch can be marked with various symbols that indicate its degree of protection. It is worth paying attention to them, as some mean that the watches are splash-proof only, while others mean that they can be submerged in water without any problem.

Currently there are several waterproof classes:

  • Class 30 m/WR30/3 ATM/3 Bar – indicates that the smartwatch is resistant to accidental splashes of water, such as. While washing your hands or slight rainfall. Such a smartwatch will work well for active people, for example. for outdoor running. Models with this class are also dedicated for children.
  • Class 50m/WR50/5 ATM/5 Bar – a watch with this designation is resistant to sweat, rain splashes, bathing, as well as pressure, corresponding to immersion at a depth of 50 m. You can also swim in some models, but jumping into the water is no longer allowed.
  • Class 100m/WR100/10 ATM/10 Bar – smartwatch in this class is waterproof. It is suitable for swimming and diving with a mask. Will be suitable m.in. For swimmers and for sailors.
  • Class 200 m/WR200/20 ATM/20 Bar – such a waterproof class allows you to dive with aqualung. However, it should be remembered that the maximum depth of immersion is determined by the manufacturer of the watch.
  • Class 300m/WR300/30 ATM/30 Bar – a smartwatch with such a symbol will work well when diving with a cylinder at a depth of even several tens of meters. It is resistant to pressure that corresponds to a depth of 30 m.
  • Class 1000m/WR1000/100 ATM/100 Bar – such a symbol can only be found in smartwatches designed for for professional use, That is, for people who are professionally engaged in diving.

When choosing a waterproof smartwatch, it is also worth paying attention to the classification according to the international scale Ingress Protection. The designation consists of letters IP – and two signs – the first means protection against the ingress of foreign solids, and the second means protection against water intrusion. For example, IP68 symbol will mean total dustproof and waterproof when continuously submerged at a depth of 1m.

Which waterproof smartwatch to choose?

It all depends on the purposes for which we will use the smartwatch. If we want to buy running watch, will be sufficient for us 3 ATM water resistance class, Which will provide adequate protection in case of unexpected rainfall.

If, on the other hand, we are interested in swimming smartwatch, we should choose a model at least with waterproof rating of 5 ATM. Among the recommended models is a smartwatch from the following brands Garmin – model Swim 2, which was designed precisely as a watch for swimming. It is available in two colors – white can be classified as a women’s smartwatch, and black as a men’s smartwatch. Importantly, this model will be suitable for swimming in both open and closed waters. In addition, it will inform about the distance swum, swimming speed, and also display alerts about the pace of swimming the length of the pool.

In case we are interested in waterproof smartwatch for sailing, we should bet on 10 ATM waterproof class, Which will ensure safety while sailing. In addition, such a smartwatch should have GPS locator, which will indicate the location of the boat on a nautical map, as well as offer nautical functions such as checking water depth, wind speed and direction or autopilot function. Smartwatches for sailing enthusiasts are offered by the brand Garmin – models – Garmin quatix 6 and Garmin Marq Captain.

It is worth remembering to always choose the waterproof class of the smartwatch according to your needs, because it significantly increases the price of the device.

Garmin Vivomove Style smartwatches (photo. Garmin)

How to take care of a waterproof smartwatch?

Even the highest class waterproof smartwatch Can be damaged if not used for its intended purpose. Therefore, in this regard, we should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, it is worth following the following tips:

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