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Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX jacket

A cloud of steam rises in the air as I pour boiling water into the thermos. It begins to dawn, through the kitchen window I can see the silhouettes of trees emerging from the gloom – still bald, although the city is already breathing spring. But I won’t be fooled, I know that just an hour away from home I will find the Beskid slopes still covered with white feathers.

For the umpteenth time this winter, I’m heading to the mountains wearing a skydiving jacket by Dynafit, the Free GORE-TEX model. Previously, the hardshell accompanied me on a tour in extremely strong winds, another time I tested the jacket during snowfall with rain, another in a snow blizzard. It’s time for a tour in good weather and temperatures reaching several degrees above zero. Is this advanced model by Dynafit really as versatile and reliable as the manufacturer assures you it is?


The Dynafit Free GORE-TEX jacket is a hardshell dedicated to skitouring and freeride’u enthusiasts. The jacket is meant to cope with harsh conditions: in the wind and snow, during sharp ascents and during fast descents.

Dynafit Free test

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skitouring jacket (photo. outdoormagazine.pl)

GORE-TEX C-KNIT membrane: waterproof and windproof

The main material of the jacket is a 3-layer GORE-TEX membrane (3L). In this case, we are dealing with permanently bonded together outer fabric, membrane and lining. The material ensures full waterproofness of the product. You don’t have to worry about the risk of getting drenched both in heavy rainfall and when diving into deep snow. The outer layer of the membrane is solid, which comes in handy during descents in the woods and unexpected encounters with branches. The jacket’s inner layer, on the other hand, is an integrated C-KNIT lining, which is quite pleasant to the touch – for a hardshell jacket, of course.

Dynafit Free test

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skydiving jacket (photo. outdoormagazine.pl)

The 3-layer laminate also guarantees windproofness. Even in very strong and frigid winds, the jacket perfectly protects against cooling. In hardshell you can feel like in an enveloping armor, but without the impression of clunkiness.


Already at the first contact you can feel that the material of the jacket is solid. Although the membrane is softer than GORE-TEX Pro series products, there are no concerns about its durability. The jacket is resistant to mechanical damage, it copes well with the friction elements of the backpack or sharp edges of the boards. Hooking on a branch does not cause the coating to pull or scratch.


With the jacket providing an excellent protective barrier against the outside environment, the membrane does a good job of wicking moisture away from the inside. Even in slightly warmer conditions (around zero, a few degrees on the plus side), the microporosity of the membrane does a good job of transporting water droplets to the outside and doesn’t allow steam to condense inside the jacket. The zippered vents located under the armpits are also undoubtedly helpful in such conditions.

Dynafit Free test

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skitouring jacket (photo. outdoormagazine.pl)


To support the membrane, all seams have been taped, and the model uses waterproof YKK zippers. The chest pockets are closed with laminated zippers. The main zipper does not have the traditional lamination, and although at first glance it looks like a regular zipper, it is also a waterproof YKK model. The traditional design of the zipper and its rather thick teeth, make the zipper go very smoothly, even in the cold, and it can be easily operated with gloves on. In laboratory conditions we managed to get it wet, but in the field (snow, not rain) this never happened. I consulted this issue, just to be sure, with other testers, who confirm: the zipper is comfortable to use and the jacket has no weak points where there would be a risk of getting wet.


Undoubtedly, a big advantage of the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX jacket is its comfortable cut (the manufacturer called it Sportive). Hardshell works perfectly with women’s figure – it adheres while allowing full range of movement. The back of the jacket is long enough so that it does not expose the back when bending down. Similarly, the sleeves have the advantage of not only length, but also Velcro adjustable cuffs. Internal elastic cuffs have thumbholes. We can be sure that even with our hands fully extended, our wrists will remain protected from the cold.

Dynafit Free test

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skydiving jacket (photo. outdoormagazine.pl)

As befits a skitouring model, the jacket has an integrated snow apron, which prevents snow from getting under the jacket when tipping over. The apron fastens with solid snaps, which do not unfasten even during sudden movements. In addition, there are welts sewn at the bottom of the jacket, which allow us to adjust the fit.

Test Dynafit Free

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skydiving jacket (photo. outdoormagazine.pl)

The jacket uses two deep front pockets with a convenient design. We use them crosswise: I reach the right pocket with my left hand and vice versa. Pockets are located at waist level, so you can use them with the waist belt fastened. On the inside of the jacket there are two additional pockets for small items. Although the model is dedicated to skitouring, the jacket has a practical pass pocket located on the left shoulder. Here is another proof of the versatility and versatility of the model – after all, everyone feels like breathing in a gondola sometimes.

Dynafit Free test

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skydiving jacket (fot. outdoormagazine.pl)


The jacket has a well-tailored hood integrated with a high guard, which will be appreciated especially in high winds. The hood is spacious enough that we can put it even on a large helmet (as in the photos) – it won’t be the most comfortable, but it will certainly work in difficult weather conditions (with lightweight helmet models the problem doesn’t occur). To better adjust the circumference of the hood, we can help ourselves with a drawstring with a stopper, which is attached at the back. Unfortunately, while reducing the hood is easy and we can do it with one hand, enlarging it is already more difficult – especially with gloves.

Dynafit Free test

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skitouring jacket (fot. outdoormagazine.pl)


Both the cut and the material used make it almost impossible to feel the outer layer on you during the descent. The model is much lighter than typical hardshells, and compresses very well. Despite the damage-resistant outer layer, when folded the jacket does not take up much space. Fits easily even in a small backpack along with other equipment, thermos and provisions.

Dynafit Free GORE-TEX. Summary

Although winter has already tried several times this year to lead me astray by pretending to go away, another weekend passes that I spend cutting through the Beskid forests on my board. Once again, the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX jacket accompanies me, and I’m sure it won’t be any different during the next tour. The model is comfortable and versatile, yet very durable. So far I haven’t encountered a situation where the jacket wouldn’t do an excellent job. Regardless of the weather conditions and the intensity or nature of the effort, the hardshell is a great companion. In addition, the color variant I used (winter moss) looks good and doesn’t clash with the mild winter landscape (there is also a second color). The only downside is the difficulty in enlarging the hood space, but considering all the advantages of the model, this drawback is a trifle.

Wiola Imiolczyk

Test: the Dynafit Free GORE-TEX skydiving jacket (fot. outdoormagazine.pl) photo. outdoormagazine.pl fot. outdoormagazine.pl fot. outdoormagazine.en photo. outdoormagazine.en Dynafit Free test photo. outdoormagazine.en Dynafit Free test fot. outdoormagazine.pl

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