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Walrus season is underway. Recommended popular destinations

More and more people are recognizing the long list of benefits of walruses. This trendy practice of immersing oneself in icy water releases endorphins, commonly known as happiness hormones. Plus it improves circulation, skin firmness, toughens the body and boosts immunity. So it’s not surprising that lovers of this type of bathing are steadily increasing. Especially for avid walruses, but also for those who would like to find out that the devil is not so terrible as they paint him, we present the most interesting places for walruses, recommended by the experts of Travelist Magazine.

International Walrus Rally in Mielno

Speaking of cold baths, it’s impossible not to mention the most popular place by the Baltic Sea, Mielno. The place where the International Walrus Rally has been held in February for 15 years is called the unofficial capital of Polish Walruses. This event is one of the largest of its kind in the world, and in the last edition more than 6 thousand gathered in the water. Daredevils, which is 2 times more than Mielno has permanent residents!

You can spend an afternoon in this seaside resort looking for a walrus statue that proudly represents what Mielno is famous for. We hint that it is located at the main entrance to the beach, and has been welcoming tourists for 11 years now.

Gdansk – Jelitkowo

The oldest organization of walruses in Poland has its headquarters in Gdansk. The Gdansk Walrus Club has been active since the 1970s. to this day and every winter weekend meets on the beach in Jelitkowo to enter the water together. Cold-water activists can also be found in these areas in Brzeźno, at the end of Seaside Boulevard in Gdynia and on the beach at Park Północny in Sopot.

Icy baths in Warsaw

You thought that you can walrus only in places far away from the urban hustle and bustle? Error! Even spending time in Warsaw, one can easily find an opportunity for a cold bath. An ideal place for this is the Zegrzynski Reservoir, less than 40 km from Warsaw, as well as Lake Czerniakowskie in the center of the capital city.

The latter regularly organizes group walruses with the informal club Morsy Warszawa – Jeziorko Czerniakowskie. Cooperation with the Capital’s WOPR ensures maximum safety for all participants.

Walruses from the capital of Lower Silesia

A city in Lower Silesia where you can go walrushing is Wroclaw. The Association of Wroclaw Walruses regularly meets on weekends at the “Morskie Oko” bathing site. You can easily get there both by car and by public transportation, and in order to take part in a joint swim, you need to join the Club as a member or donor.

This is not the only place for walruses. If you want to immerse yourself in icy water, you can also go to the “Oporów” bathing area, the Królewiecki Pond or the Oławka bathing area. All these places are well connected with the city center, so you can easily get there e.g. By bus – especially if someone is in Wroclaw in transit.

Wielkopolska bathing places

There is also a place for walruses from Poznan and people visiting this beautiful Wielkopolska city in winter. There is also a local club of walrus lovers, which regularly meets for joint bathing. The most popular swimming area is the Swan beach on Lake Kierskie, where you can reach by car and public transport. The second popular place for walruses is Lake Rusalka, located approx. 5 km from the Old Market Square in Poznan.

How to prepare for walruses?

We wrote about it in the OM guide. In the link below you will find, among other things, information on where and when to walrus and how to take care of your safety before entering and after leaving the water.

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